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This site includes contributions from members of INTJ Forum and is open to all INTJs and people who want to learn about the INTJ personality type. The articles on this site are a mix of topics that come up frequently on the forum and topics about INTJs we don’t see on other sites. It is meant to be a useful resource dedicated to the INTJ personality type. Feedback is welcome.

INTJ Personality Theory Comparison

Jung’s original work on Psychological type was adapted into several other personality theories. These theories are often blurred together in internet discussions although they are different. This article assumes you are already generally familiar with the various Jungian personality theories (MBTI/Keirsey/Socionics) so I’m focusing on clarifying the differences between theories rather than providing an explanation of how each theory works.

Personality Theorists

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INTJ Compatibility with Other Types

Opinions vary on what types INTJs are most compatible with. Some people gravitate toward individuals with the same personality because they believe they connect with them better and others believe choosing a partner with opposite preferences will balance them. If you’re interested in other people’s experiences, the table below links to discussion threads on INTJ Forum about compatibility between INTJs and every other type.


INTJs and the SJs (Guardians) INTJs and the SP (Artists)
intj and esfj intj and esfp
intj and estj intj and estp
intj and istj intj and isfp
intj and isfj intj and istp
INTJs and the NFs (Idealists) INTJs and the NT (Rationals)
intj and enfj intj and entj
intj and enfp intj and entp
intj and infj intj and intj
intj and infp intj and intp

INTJ Career Overview

Potential Strengths:

  • Looking at systems, seeing flaws, and suggesting improvements to make the system better
  • Strategic thinkers with an ability to analyze trends and come up with long term plans
  • Good at analyzing problems and coming up with solutions
  • Able to work independently and come to sound decisions without much guidance
  • Strong desire for competency in their field
  • Task oriented and have an inner motivation to complete their work

Potential Weaknesses:

  • INTJs can be highly motivated to create and improve systems, but may quickly become bored once their innovations have been implemented and it’s time to maintain the system.
  • Because it is in the INTJ’s nature to constantly brainstorm about ways to improve systems, they may try to do so even when it is impractical and unwanted by their coworkers.
  • The INTJ’s demand for people being competent and making sense can cause them to come off as dismissive to those they deal with if they view them as incompetent.
  • Once an INTJ has come up with a plan, it can be difficult for them to take in new ideas from other people if they conflict with the INTJ’s vision.
  • INTJs may have trouble showing appreciation to others on their team.

Famous INTJs: Real and Fictional

Actors and Actresses

Angela Lansbury – actress (Murder, She Wrote)
Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, Governor of California
Chevy Chase – actor, comedian
Dan Akroyd – actor, comedian, musician
Pernell Roberts – actor, activist
Raymond Burr – actor (Perry Mason), vintner
Veronica Hamel – actress


Arthur Ashe – tennis champion
Edwin Moses – Olympic gold medalist
Ivan Lendl – tennis champion
Lance Armstrong – cyclist (seven Tour De France wins)
Martina Navratilova – tennis champion
Orel Hershiser – baseball player (pitcher)


C. S. Lewis – apologist, author (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Jane Austen – author (Pride and Prejudice)
Josephine Tey – English author
Ayn Rand – philosopher, author
Franz Kafka – author
Lewis Carroll – author, logician, mathematician

Journalism and Broadcasting

Greg Gumbel – TV sportscaster
Joan Lunden – Journalist
Katie Couric – journalist
Maria Shriver – journalist, wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter Jennings – journalist
William F. Buckley, Jr. – journalist


Hannibal Barca – Military Commander
Helmuth von Moltke – German military general


Helmuth von Moltke – German military general
John Maynard Keynes –
Glenn Gould – Canadian pianist and composer
Erik Satie – composer, pianist


Friederich Nietzsche – philosopher
Jean-Paul Sartre – philosopher


Augustus Caesar – Roman Emperor
C. Everett Koop – former U.S. Surgeon General
Calvin Coolidge – American President
Charles Rangel – politician, decorated war veteran
Chester A. Arthur – lawyer, American President
Dwight D. Eisenhower – American President
General Colin Powell – former U.S. Secretary of State
Donald Rumsfeld – former U.S. Secretary of Defense
James K. Polk – American President
Michael Dukakis – former Governor of Massachusetts
Rudy Giuliani – former New York City mayor
Thomas Jefferson – American President
William J. Bennett – politician
Woodrow Wilson – American President
General Ulysses S. Grant – Union general, American President
Peter the Great – Russian tsar

Public Figures

Susan B. Anthony – civil rights leader
Theodore Kaczynski – infamous “Unabomber”
Stanley Kubrick – film director (2001: A Space Odyssey)


Sir Isaac Newton – Astronomer
Nikola Tesla – physicist, engineer, inventor
Niels Bohr – physicist
John F. Nash Jr. – mathematician, game theorist
Norbert Wiener – mathematician, founder of cybernetics
Isaac Asimov – biochemist, science-fiction author (I Robot)
Stephen Hawking – astrophysicist
Lise Meitner – chemist

Fictional INTJs

Cassius – The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Clarice Starling – Silence of the Lambs
Batman – Batman Begins
Dexter – Dexter’s Laboratory
Dr. Jonathan Crane – Batman Begins
Dr. Otto Octavius (Doc Ock) – Spiderman 2
Ellen Ripley – Alien
Ensign Ro Laren – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ernst Stavro Blofeld – James Bond
Gandalf – Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
George Smiley – John Le Carr character
Hannibal Lecter – Silence of the Lambs
Jigsaw – Saw films
Marsellus Wallace – Pulp Fiction
Michael Corleone – Godfather
Mr. Burns – The Simpsons
Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice
O-Ren Ishii – Kill Bill Vol. 1
Phileas Fogg – Around the World in Eight Days (novel and film adaptations)
Professor Moriarty – Sherlock Holmes antagonist
Sherlock Holmes
Reed Richards – the Fantastic Four
Stewie Griffin – Family Guy
Tom Hagen – Godfather
V – V for Vendetta
Vicious – Cowboy Bebop
Victor von Frankenstein
Vito Corleone – Godfather
Willy Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Relationship Specific
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Not Your Typical Myers-Briggs

The Compleat Idiot’s Guide to the INTJ

Table of Contents

  1. > Introduction <
  2. INTJ Overview
  3. Conversing with an INTJ
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Credits


Welcome to yet another document about INTJs.

Numerous INTJ resources are available on the web, but they are all descriptive (telling you some things about us) without being particularly prescriptive (instructing you on how to deal with us). So we – a bunch of INTJs – decided to rectify that situation by providing you this convenient, handsomely designed, and eminently well-written instructional guide. Targeted towards the friends, co-workers, and relatives of INTJs, this handbook is intended to provide you with the understanding necessary to make your interactions with us go smoother, and to surround you with butterflies and sunshine.

Okay, our integrity demands we admit the real goal is to make life easier for us. Since only about 1% or 2% of the general population are INTJs and we’re a pretty reclusive bunch, we’re probably a mystery to you. Consequently you don’t really know how to interact with us, and many of you tend to annoy us. Hopefully this guide will help alleviate that. We just thought if we made it about you and your needs you’d be more likely to read it. You needy bastards.