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INTJ Career Overview

Potential Strengths:

  • Looking at systems, seeing flaws, and suggesting improvements to make the system better
  • Strategic thinkers with an ability to analyze trends and come up with long term plans
  • Good at analyzing problems and coming up with solutions
  • Able to work independently and come to sound decisions without much guidance
  • Strong desire for competency in their field
  • Task oriented and have an inner motivation to complete their work

Potential Weaknesses:

  • INTJs can be highly motivated to create and improve systems, but may quickly become bored once their innovations have been implemented and it’s time to maintain the system.
  • Because it is in the INTJ’s nature to constantly brainstorm about ways to improve systems, they may try to do so even when it is impractical and unwanted by their coworkers.
  • The INTJ’s demand for people being competent and making sense can cause them to come off as dismissive to those they deal with if they view them as incompetent.
  • Once an INTJ has come up with a plan, it can be difficult for them to take in new ideas from other people if they conflict with the INTJ’s vision.
  • INTJs may have trouble showing appreciation to others on their team.