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INTJ Compatibility with Other Types

Opinions vary on what types INTJs are most compatible with. Some people gravitate toward individuals with the same personality because they believe they connect with them better and others believe choosing a partner with opposite preferences will balance them. If you’re interested in other people’s experiences, the table below links to discussion threads on INTJ Forum about compatibility between INTJs and every other type.


INTJs and the SJs (Guardians) INTJs and the SP (Artists)
intj and esfj intj and esfp
intj and estj intj and estp
intj and istj intj and isfp
intj and isfj intj and istp
INTJs and the NFs (Idealists) INTJs and the NT (Rationals)
intj and enfj intj and entj
intj and enfp intj and entp
intj and infj intj and intj
intj and infp intj and intp