Famous INTJs: Real and Fictional

Actors and Actresses

Angela Lansbury – actress (Murder, She Wrote)
Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, Governor of California
Chevy Chase – actor, comedian
Dan Akroyd – actor, comedian, musician
Pernell Roberts – actor, activist
Raymond Burr – actor (Perry Mason), vintner
Veronica Hamel – actress


Arthur Ashe – tennis champion
Edwin Moses – Olympic gold medalist
Ivan Lendl – tennis champion
Lance Armstrong – cyclist (seven Tour De France wins)
Martina Navratilova – tennis champion
Orel Hershiser – baseball player (pitcher)


C. S. Lewis – apologist, author (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Jane Austen – author (Pride and Prejudice)
Josephine Tey – English author
Ayn Rand – philosopher, author
Franz Kafka – author
Lewis Carroll – author, logician, mathematician

Journalism and Broadcasting

Greg Gumbel – TV sportscaster
Joan Lunden – Journalist
Katie Couric – journalist
Maria Shriver – journalist, wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter Jennings – journalist
William F. Buckley, Jr. – journalist


Hannibal Barca – Military Commander
Helmuth von Moltke – German military general


Helmuth von Moltke – German military general
John Maynard Keynes –
Glenn Gould – Canadian pianist and composer
Erik Satie – composer, pianist


Friederich Nietzsche – philosopher
Jean-Paul Sartre – philosopher


Augustus Caesar – Roman Emperor
C. Everett Koop – former U.S. Surgeon General
Calvin Coolidge – American President
Charles Rangel – politician, decorated war veteran
Chester A. Arthur – lawyer, American President
Dwight D. Eisenhower – American President
General Colin Powell – former U.S. Secretary of State
Donald Rumsfeld – former U.S. Secretary of Defense
James K. Polk – American President
Michael Dukakis – former Governor of Massachusetts
Rudy Giuliani – former New York City mayor
Thomas Jefferson – American President
William J. Bennett – politician
Woodrow Wilson – American President
General Ulysses S. Grant – Union general, American President
Peter the Great – Russian tsar

Public Figures

Susan B. Anthony – civil rights leader
Theodore Kaczynski – infamous “Unabomber”
Stanley Kubrick – film director (2001: A Space Odyssey)


Sir Isaac Newton – Astronomer
Nikola Tesla – physicist, engineer, inventor
Niels Bohr – physicist
John F. Nash Jr. – mathematician, game theorist
Norbert Wiener – mathematician, founder of cybernetics
Isaac Asimov – biochemist, science-fiction author (I Robot)
Stephen Hawking – astrophysicist
Lise Meitner – chemist

Fictional INTJs

Cassius – The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Clarice Starling – Silence of the Lambs
Batman – Batman Begins
Dexter – Dexter’s Laboratory
Dr. Jonathan Crane – Batman Begins
Dr. Otto Octavius (Doc Ock) – Spiderman 2
Ellen Ripley – Alien
Ensign Ro Laren – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ernst Stavro Blofeld – James Bond
Gandalf – Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
George Smiley – John Le Carr character
Hannibal Lecter – Silence of the Lambs
Jigsaw – Saw films
Marsellus Wallace – Pulp Fiction
Michael Corleone – Godfather
Mr. Burns – The Simpsons
Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice
O-Ren Ishii – Kill Bill Vol. 1
Phileas Fogg – Around the World in Eight Days (novel and film adaptations)
Professor Moriarty – Sherlock Holmes antagonist
Sherlock Holmes
Reed Richards – the Fantastic Four
Stewie Griffin – Family Guy
Tom Hagen – Godfather
V – V for Vendetta
Vicious – Cowboy Bebop
Victor von Frankenstein
Vito Corleone – Godfather
Willy Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

13 thoughts on “Famous INTJs: Real and Fictional

  1. Great list of great people some are role models others i just admire a lot. One day would like to be on such a list- that’d be cool. Question: how can you be sure of the fictional characters, is it intuition?

    1. When it comes to judging the personality of fictional characters, think of it like this:
      The farther you get through a movie, tv show, or especially book. The character traits of the involved parties start to become very apparent as you go along. Eventually you’ll be able to predict the actions of the characters because of what you’ve learned about their personalities. Almost like you know them. Or of course if you created the character, you probably know a decent amount about them haha.
      While it can really only be speculated, Because after all they are fictional characters, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that someone who is really familiar with the character took the test in their place

  2. really really great.. very inspiring.. especially when i saw Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen, and Sherlock Holmes on the list.. they’re my favorites..

  3. sherlock holmes is not an INTJ. the J/P difference is what sets him and moriaty completely apart. J/P being the preferred extravert function and how they appear to other individuals. which is one of the reasons that sherlock holmes was able to get the upper hand on moriarty. not that INTPs are better in any fashion than INTJs. and sherlock is a completely and utterly logical being not allowing any thought of his own to influence the end result of his conclusion. again a trait that set him apart from moriarty who allowed logic paired with his own desires to guide him.

  4. These are the ones I don’t think they are INTJ, specially for fictionals:

    Marsellus Wallace, maybe “The Wolf”
    Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin instead.

    Agree anyone??

  5. Under musicians, isn’t that supposed to be Maynard James Keenan, of Tool? He’s often mentioned as an INTJ. The only John Maynard Keynes that I know of was the economist whose theories led to Keynesian economics.

  6. I’m most excited about Stewie from Family Guy being an INTJ. Is that bad? LOL Who am I joking, I don’t care what you think! 😉

  7. Sooo, I guess it’s safe to assume that there are no people of color who are INTJ’s…oh, aside from me, that is. Oh wait! There’s O-Ren Ishii! Gotta admit I felt a vicarious thrill at her precise, soft-spoken formality and laser-like, murderous rage!!!

  8. A few false statements.

    1. Willy Wonka is an ENTP; blatantly obvious

    2. Stewie Griffiin is more likely ENTP or ENTJ, but I am not positive.

    3. Thomas Jefferson was an INTP

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