INTJ Profile and Description Links

In Depth Profiles
Portrait of an INTJ: The Scientist (Personality Page)
INTJ Wikipedia Entry (Wikipedia)
INTj and INTp (Socionics)
Joe Butt’s INTJ Profile (Type Logic)
From Conversations with Conceptualizer Directors (Bestfit Type)

Short Profiles and Lists
The Mastermind (Kiersey Website)
INTJ Traits (Team Technology)
INTJ Learning Styles (
Jung INTJ Type Keyword Lists (

Blogs and Articles
Mark of the INTJ Rational-Mastermind (David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic)
Various Blog Articles (An Unquiet Mind)
Psychopath or an INTJ who’s gone to the dark side (
A Day in the Life of an INTJ (

Career Specific
INTJ Careers (Personality Page)
How INTJs Function on Teams (
INTJ Career Advice and More (Wayne State College)
INTJ Personality: The Conceptual System Creators (
INTJ Working Preferences (Paladin Associates Leadership Development)

Relationship Specific
INTJs in Relationships (Personality Page)

Not Your Typical Myers-Briggs

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